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Do you want to give the carpets in your home or office a deep clean? Are you searching for reliable carpet cleaners near me? Look no further! We are your local carpet cleaning experts for all your carpet cleaning and disinfecting needs in Sydney.

We provide a wide range of carpet cleaning services at competitive prices. Please contact us directly to get a quote.

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    Office Carpet Cleaning is a one-stop solution for all your carpet cleaning needs in Sydney. Over the years, we have completed hundreds of carpet cleaning jobs in the area. No matter the type of carpet, our Sydney carpet cleaners can give it a thorough clean. We can perform carpet cleaning with minimal disruption to your home or business.

    Customised Service

    We provide our clients with customised solutions that meet their specific needs.

    Experienced Cleaners

    We have highly trained cleaners with many years of experience in the industry.

    Affordable Prices

    We offer the most cost-effective carpet cleaning solution to our clients.

    Exceptional Customer Service

    We strive to deliver a best-in-class customer experience to every client.

    Comprehensive Range Of Carpet Cleaning Services

    Being one of the renowned office carpet cleaning companies in Sydney, we offer the most effective carpet cleaning solutions to our clients. We are your one-stop destination where you will get complete carpet cleaning solutions. All our professionals are experienced, and they always try to provide services as per your carpet cleaning needs.

    • Office Carpet Steam Cleaning Sydney

    • Office Carpet Dry Cleaning Sydney

    • Office Carpet Stain Removal Sydney

    • Office Carpet Flea Treatment And Cleaning Sydney

    • Office Carpet Odour Removal Service Sydney

    • Commercial Carpet Steam Cleaning Sydney

    • Commercial Carpet Dry Cleaning Sydney

    • Commercial Carpet Stain Removal Sydney

    • Commercial Carpet Flea Treatment And Cleaning Sydney

    • Commercial Carpet Odour Removal Service Sydney

    • Home carpet cleaning services Sydney

    • Home Carpet Dry Cleaning Sydney

    • Home Carpet Stain Removal Sydney

    • Home Carpet Flea Treatment And Cleaning Sydney

    • Home Carpet Odour Removal Service Sydney


    Office Carpet Cleaning has been providing top-notch carpet cleaning services for homes and offices across Sydney for a long time. We have a team of highly trained and experienced cleaning professionals who can ensure that your carpets are free of all kind of pollutants.

    Carpet Steam Cleaning Sydney

    Carpet steam cleaning is our speciality. Our Sydney carpet cleaners have been performing office carpet steam cleaning in Sydney, corporate carpet steam cleaning Sydney, and home carpet steam cleaning Sydney for many years. They use commercial-grade steam cleaners to clean the carpets in residential and commercial properties. The carpet steam cleaning process involves applying pressurised steam to remove stains, dirt, and grime from the carpet. You can rest assured that our approach won’t damage your carpet. Get in touch with us today to get a free estimate.

    Carpet Dry Cleaning Sydney

    Carpet dry cleaning is one of the safest methods for cleaning carpets and rugs. At Office Carpet Cleaning, we specialise in office carpet dry cleaning Sydney, commercial carpet dry cleaning Sydney, and home carpet dry cleaning Sydney. Our professionals will first vacuum your carpets to remove surface dirt. They will then apply the carpet dry cleaning solution to the surfaces and sit for 5-10 minutes. It helps break down oily residue on the carpet fibre. Next, a rotary machine is used to remove all the dirt from the carpet. Contact us directly to learn more about the process.

    Carpet Stain Removal Sydney

    Do you need to remove stubborn stains from your office or home carpet? You can count on our professionals to safely remove all types of stains from your carpets. Our Sydney carpet cleaners are trained to remove all kinds of stains, including urine stains, blood stains, food stains, coffee stains, and more. They come equipped with the right tools to treat the stains on the carpet on the spot. Our carpet stain removal services include office carpet stain removal Sydney, commercial carpet stain removal Sydney, and home carpet stain removal Sydney. Call us today!

    Carpet Flea Treatment And Cleaning Sydney

    As a leading carpet cleaning company in Sydney, we understand how frustrating a flea infestation can be. That’s why we offer reliable carpet flea treatment and cleaning in Sydney. Our cleaning professionals have many years of experience in the industry. They know how to eliminate this problem quickly and safely. They will thoroughly inspect your carpet and discuss all the details with you. Our services include office carpet flea treatment and cleaning Sydney, commercial carpet flea treatment and cleaning Sydney, and home carpet flea treatment and cleaning Sydney.

    Carpet Odour Removal Service Sydney

    Carpet odour can result from several things. In most cases, the dirt, dust, and contaminants embedded within the carpet fibre cause the carpet to release an unpleasant odour. If you want to get rid of odours from your carpet, then you can turn to Office Carpet Cleaning. We will properly sanitise and deodorise your carpets. Our proven processes will eliminate bad odours from your carpets and leave them smelling great. Our services include office carpet odour removal service Sydney, commercial carpet odour removal service Sydney, and home carpet odour removal service Sydney.

    We Remove All Types of Stains from Carpets

    Urine Stain Removal

    Urine stains on your carpet can be unsightly. Also, it can affect indoor air quality and cause several health problems by contaminating the carpet with germs and bacteria. At Office Carpet Cleaning, we specialise in treating urine stains. We use the latest tools and products to disinfect and sterilise carpets. Our process will also eliminate any unpleasant odours.

    Red Wine Stain Removal

    Red wine stain removal is one of the major services for which our carpet cleaning service in Sydney is booked. Our professionals are experts at removing red wine stains from carpets. They use safe and eco-friendly cleaning products to empty these kinds of colours from carpets. You can rest assured that our carpet cleaning service will leave your carpet looking its best.

    Blood Stain Removal

    Has any of the carpets in your home or office become dirty with blood stains? We can help you get rid of stubborn blood stains on your carpet. Our cleaning professionals use high-quality cleaning solutions that work by breaking the bond between blood and carpet fibres. Also, our carpet cleaners in Sydney can ensure that no damage is done to your carpet while removing bloodstains.

    Food Stain Removal

    Office Carpet Cleaning offers the finest food stain removal services in Sydney and its surroundings at affordable prices. We can remove all types of food stains from carpets, including butter, ketchup & tomato sauce, chocolate, jam, jelly, food colouring, and more. Our professionals follow a safe cleaning procedure for the removal of food stains. Contact us today to get a quote!

    Coffee Stain Removal

    Coffee stains can leave a permanent mark on your carpet if not cleaned quickly. Our Sydney carpet cleaners use the right products and techniques to remove coffee stains from carpets safely. We will give your carpet a thorough clean, which will bring it back to life. If you have any questions about our carpet stain removal services, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.


    Our Sydney carpet cleaners are well-familiar with all carpet cleaning methods, including carpet steam cleaning, hot water extraction, dry carpet cleaning, and carpet shampooing. Our professionals will decide on a cleaning method after performing a thorough inspection of your carpet.

    Steam Carpet Cleaning

    Steam carpet cleaning removes dirt, dust, and allergens from carpets using pressurised steam. This method will require you to have a steam cleaner. The steam cleaner is used to generate hot vapour, which is then applied to the carpet that needs to be cleaned.

    At Office Carpet Cleaning, we have well-trained and experienced cleaning professionals who have years of experience performing steam carpet cleaning for residential and commercial properties. Please call us directly to discuss your requirements with our experts.

    Hot Water Extraction Method

    Hot water extraction is one of the best ways to deep clean your carpets and rugs. The process involves injecting a mix of hot water and a cleaning detergent into the carpet fibre. Finally, a powerful vacuum is used to lift the dirt and soil. It helps eliminate the dirt, allergens, and bacteria that are embedded within the fibres.

    We use the highest quality cleaning products and professional-grade equipment for the hot water extraction method. Our professionals will ensure that your carpets are clean and fresh. Get in touch with us today!

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    Carpet Shampooing

    Carpet shampooing is an old carpet cleaning method. People have been used as an effective means for cleaning carpets and rugs for a long time. This method involves applying a shampoo solution to the carpet and then scrubbing it with a brush or sponge. It helps remove dirt, dust, and allergens from the carpet. It can also help you get rid of carpet odour.

    We use eco-friendly cleaning products for carpet shampooing in Sydney. You can book our carpet cleaning service by calling us directly. You can also drop us a mail or use our contact form to reach us.

    • Inspection of your carpet

    • Dusting and vacuuming

    • Apply steam to the carpet

    • Treat carpet with detergents, shampoo and conditioners

    • Same day service for emergencies

    • Special attention on tough stains

    • Special attention on tough stains

    • Residue cleaning and carpet drying

    • Tackle remaining spots on the carpet

    • Post-clean inspection

    • Pet stain and odour removal

    • Mould removal from carpet

    • Wine stain removal

    • Wool carpet cleaning

    • Vomit stain removal

    Eliminate Carpet Mould Infestation with Experts

    Are you facing a carpet mould infestation issue? Looking for expert assistance to fix this issue? Whatever your requirements are, we are here to help you out! Mould is a microorganism that can grow in a humid environment. On one side, it can make your carpet looks ugly, and on the other side, it is responsible for breathing problems, coughing, sneezing, wheezing, and many other allergies. Our professionals apply advanced carpet cleaning technologies to eliminate mould infestation from your carpet.

    Refresh Your Carpet With Local Carpet Cleaners

    Office Carpet Cleaning is a local carpet cleaner in Sydney. We have been providing complete carpet cleaning solutions for offices and homes for many years across Sydney’s suburbs. As one of the trusted and local carpet cleaning companies in Sydney, we understand our clients’ requirements. Thus, we have managed to earn the trust of our customers. All the professionals in our team are local and experienced.

    Why is Carpet Cleaning Important?

    Carpet is one of the important fixtures in your home and office. Though regular vacuuming is essential for keeping it dirt and dust-free, it isn’t enough to clean your carpet fibres deeply. You must know that steam cleaning is the only method of deep cleaning. It is the preferred carpet cleaning method of carpet manufacturers, and they recommend steam cleaning to prolong the life of the carpet. Remember, keep your rug clean; you should hire a professional carpet steam cleaning service every six months.

    Effective End of Lease Carpet Cleaning Sydney

    Do you want to relocate your address? Looking for an end-of-lease carpet cleaning service in Sydney? We are your one-stop destination for all carpet cleaning solutions. Our professionals will reach your place and will also provide an end-of-lease carpet cleaning service at competitive rates. We will rejuvenate your carpet to make sure it is clean and in good condition. So, look no further! Get in touch with us now to enjoy the benefit of our affordable end-of-lease carpet cleaning service in Sydney.

    Same Day Carpet Cleaning Sydney

    Are you in search of a professional and same day carpet cleaning in Sydney? Look no further! Office Carpet Cleaning is one of the leading and trusted carpet cleaners offering an array of carpet cleaning solutions. We have several professionals on our team, and they can serve you on the same day of booking. So, whenever you need to clean your carpet, contact us immediately! We will help you by offering same day carpet cleaning in Sydney.

    Affordable Carpet Cleaning Services in Sydney

    At Office Carpet Cleaning, we provide all our customers with affordable carpet cleaning services throughout Sydney. Along with providing high-quality services, we also keep the costs of our services reasonable. We offer complete carpet cleaning and stain removal results at affordable prices.


    frequently asked questions

    Steam cleaning and dry cleaning are two effective carpet cleaning methods that professionals use to clean home and office carpets. However, carpet steam cleaning has a longer drying time compared to dry cleaning. A professional carpet cleaner can recommend the cleaning method that best suits your carpet.

    There is no perfect carpet cleaning method that suits all. However, the best carpet cleaning method is usually steam cleaning. It removes 90% of dirt and bacteria from carpets. Our professional carpet cleaners will thoroughly inspect your carpet to determine the best cleaning method based on its condition.

    Dry cleaning is a safe and effective way to remove dirt and grime from carpets and rugs. The best thing about this cleaning method is that there is no drying time. However, when you need to deep clean your carpet, you should go for steam cleaning.

    It depends on the present condition of your carpet. We always try to recommend a carpet cleaning method which is the best for your home or office. In many cases, shampooing becomes necessary for the carpets that are stained or heavily soiled. We apply steam cleaning when your carpet is generally dirty without major stains.

    To extend the life of your carpet, you should get your carpet professionally steam cleaned at least once a year. Most of the carpet manufacturers recommend the steam cleaning method. It penetrates deep into the fibres and lifts out the dirt and the many pollutants.